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Volunteer Opportunities for Senior Services

A little of your time can mean so much!

More than 800 Cobb County residents-from girl scouts to retirees-donate their time, energy and resources to every phase of Cobb Senior Services. In giving only a few hours each month, you too, can make a big difference in the lives of many.

Call (770) 528-5381 to volunteer.

Computers for Seniors

Call (770) 528-1445 for more information.

Visit for helpful information.

Meals On Wheels

Over 400 volunteers deliver meals to the homebound elderly.

Only a few hours a month is required. You can volunteer for as much time as you desire, from 1 day each week or 1day each month or more! This is an ideal opportunity for home school groups, civic organizations, businesses, and churches to meet the needs of those in your own community.

Call (770) 528-5381 for more information about volunteering.

Metro Atlanta Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP)

RSVP is designed to heighten the awareness of issues facing seniors.

Using seniors who are trained to convey information is truly a valuable tool in the Cobb community, imparting information. If you know of a senior group or community who would like to have someone give a presentation on topics such as Access to Services; Medication Management; Consumer Fraud, or more, please contact us at (770) 528-5293 or (770) 528-1448. All of the RSVP services and programs are free of charge.

Need an Internship?

Cobb Senior Services welcomes the opportunity to provide meaningful internships (unpaid) to college students pursuing careers in Gerontology, Case Management, Nutrition, Fitness and more. Call (770) 528-1445 to discuss the possibilities!

Not Enough Time, but Still Want to Help?

You can still make a difference with a financial contribution to Meals on Wheels. Make a donation online at E-Donations to Meals on Wheels.