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The Cobb County Law Library provides legal information and information services to the Judiciary, attorneys, paralegals, self-represented litigants and the general public.

The Library personnel is committed to progression, quality service, and recognizes the importance to access legal information. The staff may assist with legal research resources but can not give legal advice or interpret the law for you.

This site is a resource of information that is not intended to be used as a source of legal advice.

About Us

The Cobb County Law Library was established in 1967. The Law Library is a division of Superior Court Administration.

Pursuant to state legislation, a Board of Trustees is responsible for making all rules and regulations governing the Law Library. Under the direction of the Board of Trustees and the Law Librarian, the Cobb County Law Library was created for the express "use of judges, solicitors, ordinaries and other officers of Cobb County" as a legal research facility. The Law Library is governed by O.C.G.A. 36-15-1 through 36-15-12.

The mission of the Cobb County Law Library is to provide a central location for accessible legal research. Resources include bound print publications, access to online legal research engines including WestlawNext and LexisAdvance, and a collection of legal periodicals. The Library maintains a database record for all of its legal materials including those ordered and distributed to the Cobb County Judicial Circuit.

In addition to most regional reporters, the Cobb County Law Library volumes include:

  • Georgia Codes, Statutes, Administrative Regulations, and Court Decisions.
  • Court Rules for the Georgia State and Federal Courts.
  • Municipal Codes for the Cities of Marietta, Smyrna and Kennesaw as well as Cobb County Code.
  • Georgia Practice and Research materials including case law digests, legal encyclopedias, form books, and jury instructions.
  • An audio visual collection on various topics designed to assist attorney’s and individuals representing themselves.
  • Texts. Treatises, practice aids and loose leaf binder publications.
  • Legal periodicals, including Harvard Law Review, University of Georgia Law Review, Georgia State Law Review and Mercer University Law review.
  • Various directories of attorneys, including Martindale-Hubbell directory.

Computer Legal Research

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Self-Help Center

Used Book Sales

Once the library has acquired the new edition of legal publications, the old editions are put up for sale at up to 70% off the original purchase price.

This is a great way to save on costly legal publications and also a great way to expand your current legal collection. Money raised will be used to benefit the continuing education opportunities sponsored by the law library. Come see what we have available!

Please note: Inventory is on a first come first serve basis and books may not be reserved. Please call for pricing. No exchanges or returns and all sales are final.


Available as of (11/30/18) :

Title Qty

Daniel’s GA Handbook on Criminal Evidence


Federal Research Coordinator   


Immigration Law and Defense


GA Court Rules and Procedure– State


Courtroom Handbook on GA Evidence


Bankruptcy Code, Rules and Forms


GA Court Rules and Procedure– Federal


GA Magistrate Court Handbook w/forms


GA Rules of Evidence


Daniel’s GA Criminal Trial Practice


Immigration Employment Compliance Handbook


GA Law of Damages w/forms


Federal Jury Pract. Instr. Civil Companion Handbook


Labor Certification Handbook


State Post Convictions Remedies and Relief Handbook


Green’s GA Law of Evidence



Title Qty
Daniel’s GA Handbook on Criminal Evidence 9
GA Worker’s Comp. Claims w/forms 1
Federal Civil Rules Handbook 1
Courtroom Handbook on GA Evidence 5
GA Court Rules and Procedure– State 7
Criminal Offenses and Defenses in GA 1
GA Alternative Dispute Resolution 1
GA Juvenile Pract. and Proc. w/forms 1
What’s It Worth? 1
GA Elder Care 1
GA Court Rules and Procedure– Federal 3
Bankruptcy Code, Rules and Forms 1
GA Property and Liability Insurance Law 1
GA Law of Torts-Trial Prep. And Pract. 1

GA Real Estate Title Examinations and Closings

GA DUI Trial Practice Manual 1
Davis and Shulman’s GA Pract. and Proc. 5
GA Rules of Evidence 6
GA Appellate Handbook for Lawyers 1
GA Corp. Limited Partnerships 1
GA Auto Insurance Law 1
GA Criminal Law Crimes and Punishments 1
GA Guardianship and Conserv. 1
GA Appellate Pract. w/forms 1
Agnor’s GA Evidence 1
Green’s GA Law of Evidence 1
GA Real Estate Finance and Foreclosure Law 1
GA Workers’ Compensation Law and Pract. 1
State Post Convictions Rem. And Relief Handbook 1
GA Law of Damages 2

The Admissibility of Expert Testimony in GA

GA Criminal and Law Traffic Manual 7
Daniel’s Criminal Trial Practice w/forms 1
GA Divorce, Alimony and Child Custody 9
Daniel’s GA Criminal Trial Practice 3
GA Court Rules and Procedures– State 4
Criminal Offenses and Defenses in GA 1

Daniel’s GA Handbook on Criminal Evidence

GA Court Rules and Proc.– Federal 1


Title Qty
GA Law of Damages 2

GA Divorce, Alimony and Child Custody



Superior Court Forms

Superior Court Forms

Across the nation more and more court users are handling their cases without the help of an attorney. While we recommend you consult an attorney on all legal matters it is your right to navigate the system on your own. The Cobb County Law Library is expanding its services and resources by hosting the Self-Help Center. Here you will find Cobb County forms and information on the processes and procedures of the court. However, please understand this information does not constitute legal advice and, by law, officers of the court are not allowed to interpret forms. If you have any questions regarding the information on this page or your case you should contact an attorney by calling one of the numbers below.

Cobb County Family Law Workshop - *Free of Charge
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Cobb County Bar Association
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Atlanta Legal Aid Society
Cobb County Office

Training Opportunities

We are proud to offer an expanding number of continuing education and training opportunities. Unless noted, all library sponsored programs are open to the public, however, most require advance registration. For more information on any of these programs, or to suggest or request additional offerings, please call the Law Library at 770-528-1884.

Make Your Legal Research More Efficient

There are no scheduled training sessions at this time.  Please check back soon.